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TUFF TURF // Syrup, Go On // Anthony Dann // Quicksilver Daydream // SUPEREGO


You never know. You never know when it will hit you. You’re alive. Here. On this Earth. Breathing and living. When did you get to this point. When were you going to wake up from your living coma? TUFF TURF is something of a wake up to how we sometimes live this dimension. Open eyes, with closed hearts, means that sometimes we just don’t enjoy it and embrace the world as we should. ‘Secrets You Should Keep’ is a testament to a vibe that, we all should wake to. The 80’s hair metal lyrics combine seamlessly with the synthwave / new-wave exercise that just grips with an odd attraction. You feel it. You grip it. And you dig it. This southern NJ based outfit kills it with the dark matter they have sewn. Their latest ‘NIGHT FINDS YOU’ album is available now.

Syrup, Go On – Dreams

Lead by Liz Dick and Tom Briese, the shoegaze/psyche-pop offering in SYRUP, GO ON is that decadent banana split sundae which you wanted all week. Delicious and an extravaganza in itself, the celebration of small things in life is the vibrance you feel in ‘Dreams’. Rich and luscious, the luminous pop efforts of the song casts a cool shade of waterfall sprays and feelings of excitement. Just like that first kiss from your first crush. Folk and pop, come along nicely in the lyrical state of things and it also keeps your legs pumping in energy. That’s what you get when artists from the Gold Coast of Australia come to play. We’re always game for that delight.

Anthony Dann featuring Georgie West – Bittersweet Lullaby

Anthony Dann is a Russian music producer, composer, and songwriter. With vocalist Georgie West’s collab for ‘Bittersweet Lullaby’, a cascade of ‘reborn’ becomes relevant. A soul goes through ups and downs in this sometimes unfair life. Love makes it harder still. But as humans, at the end of the day, we wouldn’t want it any other way. For the quakes we feel through misfortune and its opposite, adds the flavor to live again and again, day by day. The little things makes living worth while. This pop-folk offering is certainly a bittersweet psalm to the plight of our lives, which we’re damned to repeat.

Quicksilver Daydream – Warmth Of Our Suns

Adam Lytle, Alex Bayer, Alf Lenni Erlandsen, Brett Banks, and Glenn Forsythe are QUICKSILVER DAYDREAM. Psyche, rock, aggressive, and deep, the lyrics of ‘Warmth Of Our Suns’ keeps the glaring truths of our existence to a certain perspective. The insightful guitar licks invigorate your cells, for another day. The understanding vocals keep you steadfast to the task at hand. The gorgeous drums bring forth all of the beginnings to an end; and all of the ends to rise like phoenix, once more. Brooklyn based and hella rockin’, the Deep Purple vibin’ single thrusts with both hips. And you know exactly what we mean. Kudos.


Swept away. Wiped away. SUPEREGO’s ‘Caller ID’ is angst in a little bitter pill. Consequences of resounding predictions and unbound sultry emotions, crumble up against the possibilities of hesitation and confusion. SUPEREGO is a collective of producers, rappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists out of Australia. ‘Caller ID’ is of the ‘inner turmoil’. Inadequacy, ineptness, helplessness, loathing – all converge to throw off the life led, and derailed. No independence. No frills. No way of being yourself. Are you ‘Yourself’? In this context, you will ‘Never be’. Crush, lust, jealousy, anger are part of our detriment and motivations through life. It’s the rule. Not the exception. ‘Caller ID’ let’s you know who called. Might be yourself.


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