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Tugboat Captain to share new single ‘The Distance’ February 23rd.

The band is a six-piece. The name is a binding of two words. They have several EPs, with two LPs (including ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’) so far. There are 5 men, and one woman in the band. And heck – they make sultry, dreamy-pop and celestial beckoning, drumming up liquid salts from our musical – forays. Their latest offering ‘The Distance’ gives distinct demarkations, from past then onto the future. Let’s dream together, on this fantastical ride that is Tugboat Captain.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to premiere the song, but when we heard ‘The Distance’, we wanted more.

And even more.

That yearning – a call deep in the gut (our beautiful CHF gut) – means that the substance of the particular arrangements in the song, rings ‘true’ to what we want to experience. The depth in relaying the feelings and possibilities, decadently summon ‘teasings’ – which we want multiple dips from. The melodies, the sunshine, the big wide patch of green/blue grass – beneath the feet of indulgence – relegates that tiny inkling, to subside, to endure, to absorb, to listen.

The gang in Tugboat Captain is enjoying the great run in 2017, looking to forge ahead even larger in 2018.

And we think ‘The Distance’ will do its duty, to solidify current fans of theirs, and attract new on-lookers and fans of such music.

The band is only about a year old, but we feel the chemistry.

And we dig it.

Kudos, TC. Kudos.

Tugboat Captain is on a mini tour and continue doing their earnest to do you right.

We’re in anticipation for the second single and possible upcoming album from the crew. Looking forward to it, for sure.

You can listen and purchase their recent offerings [HERE]

Feeling frisky and in London? Buy Tickets for their next show [HERE]



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