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TULA Shares A Shade Of This And That In New Single ‘Colours’.

Reassurance is what we want to hear from time to time. Especially when we’re stressed, angered, and a bit lost in this vastness of the world. And in the voice of TULA, we hear that ‘reassurance’. That ‘reassurance’ of times that we can be together, pondering – the magnificence of the totality of what we’re about to embark.

“We’ll be alright. As long as we’re always together. You hear me?” he asked as he whispered.

“Yes. I do. I understand.”

The journey begins.

The certainty in the brevity of it all – 1, 2, 5, 50 years – we know not. But the first steps have started the existential call for the proverbial engine of life’s dance.

And we’re eager to dance.

“Reassure me. Reassure me you’ll always be with me.”

“I do.”

Berlin based singer TULA brings this tantalizingly constructed single ‘Colours’. It’s a kaleidoscope of feelings and thoughts that ultimately lead to one singular horizon. We just don’t know where it’ll lead us. That’s the problem, and it’s a cog in life that we just don’t have an answer to, as of yet.

A new EP will drop for TULA in Autumn of 2018, and should be a doozy from what we can witness from Fanny’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

We hope so. We know so.



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