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TULIPOMANIA Shares Single ‘Off The Map’. Don’t Sink.

The sand castle was built in that one day, that hot and muggy, interloping of a day. The glare was incredibly bright, the sun enveloped the whole of the sky. A blanket of white star explosions, un-relenting, aggressive, deathly.

Only relief was the slow waves coming in and out of the shore. The cool Ocean water cooled the toes and feet of the builder. The red and peeling shoulders, made her look beet and rosy.

There was no going back.

But she was aware of the battle between her and the water. The ‘enemies’ of the sand castle was upon this detrimental hours of the late afternoon.

She had to defend; until the last sand grain.

The sand castle was destroyed in that day.

The early evening was still muggy and unforgiving.

The wandering single of TULIPOMANIA, slides from side to stern, from nose to end – in a cycle of drifting slides of life and Kodak moments, captured in foggy chemicals. ‘Off The Map’ is your feet sloshing around in that ‘life’s mud’. It’s hard to move. You become desperate.

The wayward sanctity of one’s own sanity, is certainly an element worth protecting – even if it’s hard to ‘move’.

Don’t sink.



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