Tungorna ‘BABY ft. Firefox AK’ : Tactically constructed digital prize.


Swedish artist Tungorna’s debut album ‘BABY’ is out and available now.

Producer and musician Johan Lundgren (Tungorna), hails from the forests of the Swedish village Karlskoga and lives in London after several years in California. Though he has half a lifetime of producing and songwriting behind him, a solo debut was never a topic of discussion until he moved to California a few years. It was here that he was able to reach the headspace in which he could create outside of his typical surroundings and familiar comfort zone.

“I love the album format but it took me a while to find the sound for it. I wanted this collection to be less abstract, so I’ve worked more with choruses and melodies than usual. Various sources of inspiration has been with me during the process, mostly in details that I may not have noticed in the moment, but realized afterwards.”

And about the single?

“’BABY’ as a word means so many things. It’s a proof of affection and love, but still so simply casual and common. An emotionally warm feeling that I’ve sought for in the entire soundscape of the album. It was supposed to be an instrumental track, but then Andrea came in and wrote lyrics and melodies that suited it so well.”

Firefox AK’s distinctive dark and mysterious vocals, bring another level of fabulousness to Tungorna’s tactically constructed digital prize.

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