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Turbonegro – Hurry Up & Die

“Western Culture encourage their young to live on the edge, push the limits and live life to the maximum. Contradictory to this, they worship health and quality of life in a secular culture where your time here on earth is all you got. Extreme sport-performers might think they rule as they slide down hills and soar the valleys in a fucking extreme sport-suit, but guess what? They’re actually buying a one-way ticket from heaven to Hell (a real place in rural Norway).”

“Your sponsors are NOT going to save you this time. If anything, YOU’RE dying for THEM! Nobody’s going to see your Instagram-photos again in the future. So, go ahead, jump off that cliff, all we’re saying is HURRY UP & DIE!”

That is Turbonegro and their latest offering, in a nutshell. And the album is electric charged rock, mixed in with whimsical, the cynical, the ‘oh-well-that’s-how-it-goes’ force attitude.

‘Rocknroll Machine’ drops February 2, 2018.

Their distributor in the US is Burger Records.



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