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Turnpike Gates // ASHRR // Alex Carr // Castle Pines // Nakatomi

Turnpike Gates – Hiding In Plain Sight

‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ is off of TURNPIKE GATES’ debut EP ‘Almost There’. Jersey City’s own and devotee of punk, the band headed by Ryan Smith, gets at the heart of a screaming inner soul of us all, in this single with soaring choral notes and ska infused riffs. Originating from Philadelphia, the songwriter takes on subjects of personal merit and takes us down memory lane, if he must. The feelings of un-resolved angst is riddled in this single and that’s why it makes this particular road trip, palpable and visceral. The stage is set for the artist, and we’re looking forward to even more from the east-coast lyricist. His new EP is out now.

ASHRR – Don’t Wait Too Long

ASHRR is a band of impeccable taste and history, made up of vets Steven Davis, Ethan Allen and Josh Charles, who drive the Bowie-esque preponderance for the wicket, into bites of electro-pop induced commentary of the heart and emotion. The rollercoaster ride of infectious notes, swirl over your head until you can’t take it anymore. For the guilt of life, the celebration of dignity, relegates your soul to seek higher ground and remorse. Steven’s beautiful vocals drive the essence, and in ‘Don’t Wait Too Long’ gently nudges you to that plain of palpable existence. Their self titled EP is out now.

Alex Carr – Cleopatra

Folk driven lyrics of ALEX CARR’s single ‘Cleopatra’ is a quintessential song about love and rock. The East Village NYC artist puts psychedelia and delicious licks into a package of delicious candy. Classic, gritty, tender, altruistic, and reminiscent are the words that come to mind for Alex’s story telling. In 2016 he’d dropped his debut EP ‘Empty Rooms’ and with his self-titled LP, he takes us on a journey inspired by his trip through Northern India. His LP is available now. Let’s get acquainted.

Castle Pines – Castle Pines

CASTLE PINES’ single ‘Castle Pines’ is a real place. It is the street that, in the most personal of ways, defines where the members of the band head in this life. They are always hopeful of a brighter and better future. But the recollection of being homeless and destitute, never leaves their hearts. And that’s what this single is all about. A point of reference. A point of the start of it all. An end, that never should be. It’s a cautionary tale and a reflective engine, for a life that is still progressing and evolving. “We have been performing some version of this song live since we started back in 2009,” stated the band. “It has taken similar iterations but has always held this hazy recollection of the street ‘Castle Pines’..” It’s an inspiration we all should fathom.

Nakatomi – Hibernation

NAKATOMI consists of Emily Smart & Hamish Cox. And we love their art. The 80’s pop soaked aesthetics raises the stakes and with ‘Hibernation’, the deeply entrenched love of it all billows forth. The duo has been riding their explosive styles since 2016 and hasn’t stopped expanding their horizons. Collaborations with other talents has been many, and we don’t expect anything else as they go forth into 2019.


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