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TV ME // Kev Minney // Hendrix Harris // Will Fox // Mellow Daze

TV ME – Magnificent Advertisement

Project of Liverpool based Thomas McConnell, TV ME is an indicative salutation to a significant part of your infinity. The cosmic psyche-pop presentation of ‘Magnificent Advertisement’ is an indie-rock equivalent of emotional insolvency, looking to dissolve the unintended expectations of the world – of the one you dearly hold close to the stars. Charming in all its facets, the synth guitars, change into a whole new world, emphatically taking you through to the other side. An intelligent time out for our hectic lives, we’d like to say. This single is off of the upcoming ‘Data Was Callin’.

Kev Minney – God Is An Algorithm

From his upcoming new album ‘Modern Stories’, KEV MINNEY is a solo artist who deep dives into subjects of variety, but comes home again with the self and the inner soul being the center of examination. After all, music is personal, and Kev is indicative of what we humans need so much when we traverse through this tough life. Validation and recognition for what we are as individuals is a constant search that never seems to end. Born and raised at the edge of a Northampton Council Estate, the acoustic summations from Kev is invigorating as it is malign and sultry. ‘God Is An Algorithm’ was inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s book ‘Homo Deus’ where human company with technology and reflection towards society is examined. Kev will play next at St Nicholas Church in Brighton on April 27th. His album will drop later in 2019.

Hendrix Harris – Gaby Blue

HENDRIX HARRIS’ single ‘Gaby Blue’ is more than soul, more than r&b, more than pop. It is a state of affairs. And when it hits a swinging home-run into the stars, you take a deep gulp, as the vocals and aesthetics divulge what music could be, and become. The young Parisian confirms what his body of storms – his body of soul wrenching beauty – must be. Mix of multiple subsidiaries of music visit for a grand stance in this single. And it molds together to expand far higher than what genre it occupies. The ‘thought’ of the song – the ‘silhouette’ of the song – just drapes with abandon, loving and caressing, like you’d want your lover to. Like nothing else, it hovers in that gray, and it carpet-bombs away the fray – promising for a new world within.

Will Fox – Waiting

The pain of it all just washes over you in ‘Waiting’. The uber-talented singer/songwriter WILL FOX takes the little and the big, and combines them into the digestible tears and delights within his songs. ‘Waiting’ is one of those examples. And as he sings with full abandon in revelation, his solo project drives on with distinct attitude that summons the will to survive – to thrive. That is the promise from Will. To us. To the world. WILL FOX will drop his debut album ‘Which Way’ this July 12th. The album features collaborations with artist Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Kurt Vile, Cass McCombs), Tim Keen (Ought), Greta Morgan (Springtime Carnivore), Jessica Maros (Escondido) & was mixed by Brian Rosemeyer (Cat Power, Kurt Vile), produced by Tyler Karmen (Alvvays, Noname, Protomartyr) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Mavis Staples, Hope Sandoval). The lyrical construction from Will is astoundingly palpable, and we’re looking forward to even more.

Mellow Daze – How Could This Be Fair

Ben Knight, Daniel Haddad, and Domenic Impiombato makes up MELLOW DAZE. And in ‘How Could This Be Fair’ they lyrics talk about the unfair facts of a cancer diagnosed soul. Going through the pains, the hurt, the treatments, the consequences, of which was not chosen. The unfairness of life is encapsulated in this single, beckoning the questions that is being posed to the Universe. The melancholic juxtaposition of the positive and the unrelenting negatives live within the notes. There is no answer, however, and that’s how it goes. And as fitting as it can be, MELLOW DAZE doesn’t try to answer such cosmic conundrums. The belting out of frustrations through such thoughtful efforts as ‘How Could This Be Fair’, comes close.


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