TV People ‘Kitchen Sinking’ : Rough and tumble, weening of the heart… never settled and always wanting more.

TV People / Photo: Nicholas O'Donnell

Rough and tumble, weening of the heart. Desperate and rousing; never settled and always wanting more.

The band plays off-kilter, with admonishingly handsome vocals, playing off the guilt-trip riffs of the guitar, while gainfully dominating the course of assumption though out this rabid and sultry rock sound of off named ‘Kitchen Sinking’. An intrigue of personal play and out-play, rambles into your heart of desires, and never lets go.

The Dublin 4 piece is your bad-boy you’d always admired. And as the band has stormed into notice, right after formation in early 2019, the incredulous lo-fi of ‘Kitchen Sinking’ with that taunting tone, gains ground in the battle field of your listening vibe.

The band added: “The song is about the extremist nature of disagreement in the world at the moment and the inability for people with different views to find common ground or mutual understanding…’Kitchen Sinking’ is a term used in an abusive relationship for when people continuously barrage their partner with negative comments one after the other to break them down psychologically. We felt that this was a fitting description of what’s going on in the world at the moment on a universal level..”

Vocalist and lead guitarist Paul Donohoe, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Len Rochford, bassist Rob Kavanagh and Brendan Clarke on drums make this incredulously attractive project shine.


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