TV’s Daniel ‘Better Than It’s Been’ : The spin of aura and the ‘glam rock’ vibe

TV's Daniel

“This is a love song. Or a song about depression. Or a song about how love helps battle depression. I tried to write something in the vein of a “former punk writing a Northern Soul song” a la Edwyn Collins or Vic Godard, but what came out was a bit of a glam stomper with tons of phaser and synth noises… I can’t write a song about something that is actually good, only something that is better than it’s been.”

What fun, eh?

The song is a hymn and dedication to a long past, but urgently and delicately, still with our smarty-pants instincts. The spin of aura and the ‘glam rock’ vibe, as TVD called it, is that school of goodness, without trying so hard. It’s love, or life, or art, or that shitty day you’re having.

Doesn’t matter. It’s rock, and this song makes you feel good. And that’s all that counts. Daniel Fried is the man behind this awkwardly fine and charming project.

Dig it, yo.

Oh and: “Better Than It’s Been” cause we truly are, DADDY. Add it to your playlist cause I got more $2,000 Zegna suits to buy.”

We shall, TVD. We shall.

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Death to 2019, Long Live 2020

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