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Twig Pigeon // Joe Nolan // TALOS // Sleep Millennium // Astrolemo

Twig Pigeon – Tokens ft. Rachel Fraser

We’ll have TWIG PIGEON tell it this way about his single: “This song was personally one of the most musically challenging of the record and a true example of letting down my guard and catching the most live version of myself I could, rather than doing heaps of refining prior to hitting the studio…I was so incredibly humbled to have [Rachel Fraser] on this track, she was an invaluable part of it and helped so much from there to refine the structure and music…’Tokens’ is about the outcome of a relationship the things left behind and how you cope from what you’ve been through.” The jazz infused r&b single is a testament to imagination and guile.

Joe Nolan – San Francisco Girl

‘San Francisco Girl’ is what Joe is about. Well, it’s what we imagine how Joe looks at the world. We’d like to think like that because the romance is a cornerstone of Joe’s songwriting. Songwriting is love making at times, which can be combative privately, luxurious outwardly. But ultimately giving and taking the concept of love, with someone special is well… very special. That’s what we see in this single where Joe’s outlook and a sensibility for the perfect ‘love’ is embodied in the notes. Over-reach? We don’t think so. JOE NOLAN is a Nashville based vet of the music industry with more songs to share. Dig it.

TALOS – See Me

TALOS is Cork, Ireland based Eoin French. He makes sizable cathedrals of music built on bricks of emotions and memories. “The song is about an inability to love someone,” explained Eoin. “I drew a lot of lyrics from the story of the serial killer, Ed Kemper. The irrepressible power of that kind of need to be seen, or wanted, fascinates me. We all want to be accepted, to feel loved, but sometimes our inability to see our own qualities causes us to destroy the very possibility of it.” It’s about degrees of love. We all want love. But it has to be a certain level of love. We’re not pets, and the demand on our psyches are tremendous. Can we receive love the way we’d like? Well, we just have to keep trying, right?

Sleep Millennium – It Matters What You Say

SLEEP MILLENNIUM’s ‘It Matters What You Say’ is the “plea of warning and a lament of the personal, inner battle between what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s true” as the band states. But for us, we see it as a delicate reminder of exactly what we human being can be. The darker side of being the animals on this earth, with cognitive domination. The power to move the environment, can be a two sided sword and there will be a day when the sharper end will fall on our unmitigated abandonment for kindness. The 4 pieces Pacific Northwest band consisting of Josh Schroeder, Jarred Venti, Ronan Baker, and David Aizuss (drums).

Astrolemo – Time Travel

What will you do if you have one Million dollars in your bank account? What would be the first thing you’d think about doing? Will it be charitable? Will it be for your family? Don’t have a family, then will you take care of your friends? Will you take care of the homeless down the street? Or will these, be put on the back-burner, from the moment you knew you had the money in your bank? We’re all a bit selfish with material opportunities, for sure. ‘Time Travel’ is ASTROLEMO’s distinct pen mark on a point in time that can be filled with meaning – the way you should desire. Let’s hope it’s for the good, dripping with sensibility.


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