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Twin Dive – Joy Will Follow

Rock n’ Roll has no boundaries. We all knew that from beginning of the category that we all love and cherish. TWIN DIVE is another definitive shout at what rock n’ roll is all about. The Denmark based Lithuanian-Icelandic duo of Robert Jancevich and Ragnar ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds grinds your hesitations with sounds that melt. Driving and sardonic, the repercussions of decadence rides in the rivers of fire with these two. ‘Joy Will Follow’ is just a straight on aggression and juxtaposition for exactly that time of need and power depraved jaunts of self-writhing. The duo has been doing their studio thing and they’ve started out their storm of releasing new excitement with this single. Music video? Heck yea. May we have another.

Danny Burns & the Disagreements – It Helps

‘It Helps’ is the first track off of the solo debut of DANNY BURNS & THE DISAGREEMENTS. Yep, you guessed it. The mind behind this project is the artist named Danny Burns. A life time of understanding and revisions, keep us at bay against the flood of problems that exist in this world. It feels like it’s out to get us all of the time. Nothing seemed to go your way. ‘It Helps’ is all of the ranting that you’d wanted to shout out from the mountain tops. Short cuts, and unwieldy peudo solutions keep creeping up in your life. Like a drug they just delay the inherent challenges, underneath. But it helps. No doubt.

Ephemera – Stress

Escapism was the goal for EPHEMERA’s single ‘Stress’. Not very fully developed, but it has a certain archaic charm that is evident in its sentiments. The DIY lo-fi instrumental catres to the basic needs of our senses, as the anti-aesthetic movement of the collective never stops to smell the roses of each subsequent train stop. The continual vexation of personal being and the footprint in which it dwells, culminate into a silent whimper of doubts and scarce heroism. Reading between the lines is a healthy starting point for ‘Stress’.

dayoff – go this far

Tim Dayon is the project called dayoff. From its Smash Mouth like party entry, ‘Go This Far’ goes deep into the weeds, as it slashes and dashes as prominently as Tim’s fast moving lyrics can demonstrate. And once you realize your knees are moving to the upbeat single, your feeling on this glorious day, turns into finding out more about Tim’s endeavors. About ‘Go This Far, Tim commented: “Kinda inspired by my voice not being amazing but wanting to be a musician. I sang fast to make up for it.” Well, well, well, someone has a sense of humor and a healthy dose of humility. Word. dayoff isn’t fairly represented in this single, as you can listen to his music in the latest Ep ‘hunger owns the world’. The dash of pop-rock with rolling electric and acoustic guitar strums, with witty lyrical works make Tim’s offerings something to keep.

The Bergamot – Ceasefire

The duo of Brooklyn based husband/wife team, THE BERGAMOT, gathers like a storm at the edge of the horizon. Nothing more indicative of this vibe as their single ‘Ceasefire’. A jaunting and eclectic indie-folk offering, slanted with a funky attention to the atmospherics, comes at you as the first drops of rain hits your soft and nostalgic cheeks. You get ready for the deluge. But you needn’t worry, for the sun is just around the corner of this unrelenting and excitable relationship within. Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece combine sensational dabs of synth and electro in ‘Ceasefire’ to keep the interest at white hot activations. While the haunting vocals of Jillian frames the song to a soaring climax, Nathaniel’s understated vocals, with the combination of rocking guitar strums deduct from the negative and embolden our uncertainties. Their upcoming full length album drops Autumn 2019.


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