Twin Dive ‘Say His Name’ : Let’s all say the name. Let’s all push for better.

Twin Dive

“‘Say His Name’ is a punk-rock song written in memory of the tragic death of George Floyd, as well as in solidarity with the ongoing protests for racial equality.”

With press flowing in from their recent festival slots and stand-alone shows – the band have not only been building steam on a local and national Alternative scene in their native Denmark, but also building a foundation of fan and critical response beyond Scandinavia. Their live sets have become increasingly more adventurous and enthralling and folks are rightfully taking notice.

Twin Dive’s music contrasts lays down algorithms for the listener’s soul. The hard-rock grit instrumentalism wits vocal innuendos in time for celebrations.

Refreshing. Curt. Resounding.

Let’s all say the name. Let’s all push for better.


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