Twin Dive ‘Vaporize’ : Glean upon the revelry of space, fractures, and anointed visions.

Twin Dive

Twin Dive’s music contrasts lays down algorithms for the listener’s soul. The hard-rock grit instrumentalize witting vocal innuendos, in time to glean upon the revelry of space, fractures, and anointed visions.

The pan-Scandinavian Alternative rocker’s mid-tempo dirge follow’s the thread of their previous well received singles with a blend of classic Alt-rock and confident swagger. The accompanying video pairs surreal ‘found footage’ with Vaporize’s inward gazing and poetic text

TWIN DIVE seem like a band on the cusp of achieving something very exciting. With press flowing in from their recent festival slots and stand-alone shows — the band have not only been building steam on a local and national Alternative scene in their native Denmark, but also building a foundation of fan and critical response beyond Scandinavia.


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