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Jack Madeley

Twin Ponies – Always A Ways Away

Lodged in the back of your throat was the candy that she let you have when making out. You still remember that day, and that candy ball. It was from the classic Charms candy container that she had with her where ever she went, for some odd reason. You didn’t mind it though, because love was in the air. She was sucking on one of those delicious candy balls, and then a spark suddenly appeared between her’s and your gazes. It was beautiful. Without hesitation, she then passed along that half shrunk candy, to your mouth, tongues touching and sliding. It was magic, and you felt faint. ‘Always A Ways Away’ is like that vibe. The band stated on the song: “A song about trying to feel grounded in the seemingly infinite grind of life. Feeling dazed until someone or something dislodges you from your mundane self-centered headspace. Considering and over thinking your wants and needs while still trying to laugh about it, all against the outwardly appearance of effortless happiness in others.” Word. Let’s do what she tasted like that day, and live our lives just like that unrestrained moment in time. TWIN PONIES is an alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona that began making music in the summer of 2013. Please pass us a Charms candy, please.

Jewelia – This Love Song is Better Left Unsung

Jewelia is a London-based indie pop artist. “This Love Song is Better Left Unsung” is the first single from the same titled EP, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in August 2019 and available now. The EP was recorded and produced by Jewelia and her partner Andy, who also plays and the robot and the boyfriend in the music video. The latest EP is a 4 track amalgam of songs that portray love and loss and the oddly vibrancy in between. It’s the shimmer of Jewelia’s vocals put into emotions.

ba:zel – SITUATION

Within this alt-pop goodness sits the oozing nougat of darkness and achieving vexation. It is the battering ram for the kind of love and betrayal of the heart that is within the pages of stories upon stories. ba:zel is the self described ‘witch-wave’ pop duo of Ewelina Chiu and Daniel Vlcek. Following their debut album ‘eye draw(s) the line’ (2016) and ‘Scene 7’ EP (2017), ba:zel has toured extensively both on the old continent and across the ocean. The duo said of the single: “SITUATION is about free time and much it costs us. It is about free time as an invention of capitalism, a marketing tool and vehicle for commodity fetishism. It is a song about bondage, but also bonds. Bonds between people. Bonds between humanity and the natural world. Bonds that may have always seemed enduring but are proving to be fragile.” The tour continues into Autumn. See them next @ D.K. Luksus in Wroclaw, Poland, October 10th.

Mipso – People Change

Jacob Sharp is the pervayor of good vibes in sometimes emotionally dark premises. He stated: “A lot of what I write is centered around articulating loss. My mother died when I was young and I’ve had a normal amount of romantic relationships end… People Change is a different angle on loss, that of a friendship fading away. In some ways it’s a lot more difficult to process because the loss feels more within your control – the situation less futile – but the impact of the absence is pretty much the same.” MIPSO is born from North Carolina’s wide and varied music scene. ‘People Change’ is that feeling of other changing, while maybe not realizing that you have change too. The degrees of separation, widened the day that thought entered your mind. It’s a fanciful but fickle diatribe of our chemical makeup. Frustrating and sometimes enigmatic, they are, we’re stuck, to ponder some more.

Abraham – Blue Moon

ABRAHAM is Sydney Batters’ solo project that lingers. It’s a wafting scent of lavender in a world of meandering meanings and what-nots. The single ‘Blue Moon’ is a cast of lowered expectations on the things that might hurt, or will hurt – dowsing with it a laser light of good vibes and positivity that is evident from the folk-tinged effervescence that Sydney brings to the fore. She celebrated: “So many hands and hearts go into making the things that we enjoy as entertainment. It’s important to remember that in music especially, there is usually a whole team of people contributing to make an idea — into something tangible. With that said, it’s about time to acknowledge the other people involved in the making of this song. To @tylerneiljohnson of @otha.lie — and my friend Ryan Stephenson of @_morningshow for producing this track with me. Tyler is very creative, and so skilled at what he does. I’m excited to see what’s next for him. Ryan is absolutely brilliant, full of talent — and I’m so grateful we were able to work together on a couple projects this year.” ABRAHAM is, in summary, what Sydney is of and for what her music represents to her: A binding of hearts, work, and giving. Beautiful song from a beautiful artist.


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