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Twinsmith // Luke De-Sciscio // Sleepcircle // Friends of Friends // Maybelleen

Twinsmith – Feels

Omaha based TWINSMITH is on tour and feeling mighty fine. Just like their single ‘Feels’, the band follows up behind the 2017 full length LP ‘Stay Cool’ with style and fun. Their spring tour hits 7 cities including their home town and their neighboring mid-west cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago. The indie-folk based rock shootout of a single is one of those singles perfect for the road ahead – literally or figuratively. Riding towards the new dawn of anything you want, is the positivity within this song. Jordan Smith’s effervescent vocals makes it always a treat.

Luke De-Sciscio – R.O.B.Y.N.

“The pursing of lips and the passing of piece, and the turning of tide in the clammer of me..” Singer/songwriter Luke De-Sciscio delivers ‘R.O.B.Y.N.’ a deliberate strum of our hearts, via the tangible notions of a far-reaching notes of an artist. An albatross in fortress in mind, the double single EP of ‘R​.​O​.​B​.​Y​.​N​.​/​Birds in Reverse’ casts a spell of whimsy and unforgettable skills of Luke’s parting folk forays. That flittering falsetto, drives all of the doubts away. The strums of imperfection, that is perfect, is an unrelenting stake in the ground, of what folk-pop can be. And in Luke – IT HAS BECOME. The salvation of Luke, is the tattle tale, extravaganza of stripped distractions, revealing the whole and goodness of what’s beneath. Luke does it with delight and perpetual impact.

Sleepcircle – Pumpkin Head

Sleepcircle’s single ‘Pumpkin Head’ is a reach back to the times of Alice In Chains. This single follows their 2017 EP ‘Dead Wait’ but doesn’t follow at all the direction that the previous EP exhibited. ‘Pumpkin Head’ is a song that is particularly satisfying from all sides, as the axis of attention is never deviated. Your brain focuses onto the tactile resonance of the single, as it dilates into something very unique and familiar at the same time. The vocals of Curtis Sharp is profoundly accessible and it draws you in to a harmonious Universe of pain and suppositions. His mantes: Kavian Iranzad, Paul Wilson, Ian Lavery, and Andrew Wilson help deliver the final and incredulously decadent performance this single portrays with flying colors. Textured and beautiful, the anthemic hard-rock offering, is a cure for anyone’s fix. The Vancouver Canada based band will be releasing their upcoming album ‘From The Heavens / Through The Window’ on May 18th. The next single ‘Apparitions’ will drop April 15th. We’re looking forward to where the next single leads us.

Friends of Friends – Under That

The upcoming EP from FRIENDS OF FRIENDS will be fabulous and epic. Well at least that’s our prediction. And how can we quantify this? We can’t. But in our subjective determination, and from this single ‘Under That’, the ‘joy’ of music just floats and clusters up your bedroom with white fluffy feathers of goodness and happiness. Keys, harmonies, jazz, funk, indie-rock – all combine to make this fantastic studio and live ensemble. It delights with impeccable guitar solo, enveloping traditional pop construction, which deeply touches our hearts. It’s just something that makes you smile. The Washington DC based band has it goin’ on, and with the new EP, they can be your friends too. In the meantime, you can go listen to their debut self titled EP. It’s a good’n.

Maybelleen – Emily

These two. These bois with the muster to say “heck yes” to the things that makes all feelz, comes at us with ‘Emily’. Pop and electro-goodness, the brother Peter and Charles Camiré makes each minute in our possibly dreary lives, more colorful and filled with happy cats and dogs. Because, really, if you have vibes of cats and dogs running and having fun with us humans (preferably in a slow-mo cinematic video), there’s nothing more cute than that. And that’s exactly what Peter and Charles does with their music. Cute, cuddly, approachable pop, with a zest for whatever passion you have on plate. The duo has the knack, we thinks. And the now Toronto based artists is set to release their self-produced EP ‘The Paris Tapes’ very soon.


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