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‘Twinstrumentals’ by James Wyatt Crosby. Helps you study and work? Thanks James.

Maisonneuve Music is one of our little secret fave label. Why? We get their sensibilities on music they love, promote, and sense of humor. We’re really cheesy here at CHF. We think many (or all??) at the label has some parts of that ‘cheesiness’. We love it, that they are.

It’s all good and fun.

But like all the labels we deal with, they are real big music fans, and are serious about their music. Hence, this particular release.

We’d come across James Wyatt Crosby five months ago, and we dug his songs like purple rain. We did a small review of ‘Candy Floss’ (off of Twins) and stated then: “James Wyatt Crosby’s Canyfloss is a ride on the guitar cloud, and we just didn’t want to get off. The seating was soft, fluffy, refreshing, and the future just looked brighter when listening to this song.”

The decision to offer an instrumental offering is fantastically perfect, and in some part of us, we think it fits inside a TV sit-com or TV Movie of the month. It’s very good, showing another angle of the glory of Crosby’s outputs.

His album ‘Twins’ is fabulous. ‘Twinstrumentals’ deserves the same accolade.

They deserve your consideration, for sure.

Kudos James. Kudos Maisonneuve. Kudos Kathleen.



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