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Two Meters // FERGUS // aiwake // Nidam // Hideous Sun Demon

Two Meters – Pool

From TWO METERS’ EP ‘The Blue Jay’, the lo-fi crunch of ‘Pool’ will be the death of you. From the irresistible fuzz of the guitars, the vocals drown in ecstasy and redeeming resolution. Absolute in its place in the world, the sustained pain of the world come crashing down upon the living, breathing carcass of the song. The Florida based artist, broods with darkness, never waning in focus and always weathering the harshness. ‘Pool’ is a song of decadence, oddly procured, and deliciously off the beaten path.

FERGUS – Too Much

FERGUS returns once more. And with his single ‘Too Much’, the brazenly lovely style of communication blooms with expedient beauty. FERGUS’ vocals are the anchor of this gorgeous project, as he continues to give the give of love and affection for anyone listening to his songs. Off of his upcoming ‘Three Of Swords’ EP (August 2019), offers the world to our senses. Said FERGUS of ‘Too Much’: The song “is about feeling trapped by conflicting emotions, obsessing over everything, then eventually exploding in an outburst you grow to regret, it may be cathartic, but costs your dignity. There’s a sad desperation, but also an element of cruelty in the line ‘I don’t want these memories.” Bold, strident, manically enduring, FERGUS direction in music takes new and higher flights with every new song.

aiwake – Tonight (Sundown)

“Endless seeking,” said Toronto based duo, aiwake. “Hunting for some sort of satisfaction, with no clarity as to what it looks like and no end game in sight. Sometimes life passes by while we are trying too hard to live it. Sometimes we look right through the very thing we are searching for…These are symptoms of the age of distraction. We all take part. True contentment, while undeniably fleeting, seems to fall into place on its own more often than it can be contrived.” Quality pours out this band from song to song. In the best tradition of bands like Aquillo, the gang in aiwake takes it another level of empathy and emotional awakening in ‘Tonight’. Whether falling or falling in love, the end result is beautiful to witness, as your soul reaches that neon Universe.

Nidam – You Think It’s Like A Fire

The perfectness of you, us, in world of imperfections. That’s what we feel in this ultra sexy single ‘You Think It’s Like A Fire’. Nidam is the heart behind this fabulous project, which exudes with 90’s vibe crooning and stories in love’s stories. Copenhagen base, Nidam casts a thick fog of what it’s like to love in a forbidden Universe. Comparative to contemporary artists like Alex Cameron, Rhye, Destroyer, Nidam’s vocals dance in your mind, and it never seems to leave, as it casts a rhythmic trance that is both here and into the future. Jazzy sax, r&b mix is beautiful to listen to. Simple as that.

Hideous Sun Demon – Can’t Live Like That

In July, HIDEOUS SUN DEMON releases their EP ‘Good Time’. Then, the world should explode. Why? The sun blast coming out of the EP should be equal to the sun’s nuclear energies. Golden, punk, and so fabulous. Part of Australia’s awesome punk-rock wave of newness, HIDEOUS SUN DEMON makes each day a bit better to approach and say ‘Hello’. Because sometimes it’s hard to even greet the morning with a gentle salutations. The band stated: “Musically our new music is a result of experimenting with different influences. Vincent demoed some of the songs at home, so they came from a more stylistically unified beginning. Some of the drum parts are a bit dancier, we recycled and rerecorded some old songs and took advantage of Vin’s synth know how, to play with some Devo/Nerd punk influences. Over all we wanted to take a more melodic approach as we have, we’ll & truly done the riff rock thing.” Vin, Andy and Jake are the ingredient that makes HSD go. Be part of this wave, will ya!


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