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Two Meters Shares ‘Web’. Lo-Fi Love Trolling Made Glorious, For The Girl Who Torments Us Good.

Tyler Costolo is TWO METERS, a project that has consumed him for the a good while. His newest self titled, 5 song EP is a surprise and a half. Tyler’s careful crafting of emotions into jagged arcs in ‘self-pity’, ‘self-announcement’, and ‘welcomed self-acceptance’ is sharp in point. Love, under-appreciated hate, longing, become his character and protagonist within the chapters of that world. A world we all could have been a part of, partaking and drinking, conscious with doubt but brilliant cascades of enlightenment.

And one of those fabulous singles is ‘Web’. We saw it as a ‘glorious trolling’ of that certain someone who ‘we’ve become one’ and ‘forever’. The carpeted walls of that one dimension, dangled the catch of the day, ripped apart by love, then thrown back with hideous laughs of no remorse.

“I don’t want you here with me.”

“But my soul will hover above you, protecting you.”

“I don’t need to be protected.”

“I’ll protect you from the harms of the world.”

Will they meet at that certain agreement of bliss? We’ll never know will we?

Here are some words from Tyler:

  • Thank you to my family for being loving and supporting, even though we only see each other three or four times a year.
  • Thank you to all my friends, especially Andrew for his feedback and Boris for teaching me about recording and being supportive.
  • Thank you to Chase and Gabe for believing in me and my music and being the awesome people that they are.
  • Thank you to Margo for being the best girlfriend ever and my number one fan.

You go Tyler. And never forget how lucky you are to have these fab people around you. Something that you already know and appreciate, we’re sure.

Looking forward to more from Tyler. Seems like a good dude, with some great musical sensibilities.




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