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Two Neighbors – Hell No

Their moniker comes from the way they met in Los Angeles. Two souls who’d seemed to have done everything to survive in this world, they met with desire for the music industry and at the latest, came up with this new and exciting endeavor. Finding our true selves, then mating it to the kind of work we can do in this culture, is hard to fine tune. Andre Mohring and Sophia Pfister are a fabulous example of beings, going about their business, with the winds of life carrying them from one gig to the next. All that time, fires brewed inside of their hearts, waiting and hoping for that break, to really live with their love for music. ‘Hell No’ is a celebration of sorts, as it gives the duo, with the work CV and attitudes, to prove to the world and for themselves, what really can be achieved. The single is of dynastic qualities, riveted in golden sacraments, desires of ochre derisions, and palpable poignancy to tie up the edges. The synth drops, break the floors of mental anguish, as the droning and resilient vocals of Sophie, castrates with just a gaze. The past is the past, and ‘Hell No’ is the present that may set the future ablaze. Let’s see what the duo with the chip on their musical shoulders will do next.

Steven Keene – By Your Side

Born in Brooklyn New York, Steven Keene began his career by playing Folk Clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village in the early 90’s. He crisscrossed the streets of McDougal and Bleecker playing open mikes, hootenanny’s and small clubs. Still casting warmth and grace through his loving singles, ‘By Your Side’ is a ballad of the heart, meant to give the listener the sentimentality of longing and finding the road to betterment. Also, at the same time, ‘By Your Side’ is a piano-infused ballad asking an estranged lover how she could let it go and throw it all away. In either case and story, relevance is independent and its only oxygen for survival comes from the owner of that sentiment. Steven’s long decades of rock and sultry folk, delivers again and again. A classic vibe that surpasses age and genres, no matter how you cut it. A deliberate exercise of expertise, from an expert artist.

Sweet Crisis – Great Big Steps

“’Great Big Steps’ is a coming of age story,” explains frontman Leo Robarts. “I was taking stock of life and thinking how youth is a time of growth and adventure – and getting old puts an end to that. You know, that sinking feeling when you realize your best days are behind you. But that’s not the case, you can use that crisis and turn it into a positive. You shouldn’t have to have a sell-by-date. Keep pushing and believing that your best days are in front of you”. Guitarist Piers Mortimer adds – “we built the song around a laid-back drum groove. Swimming on top of that, I was aiming my guitar between Kossoff and Hendrix blues, and Leo’s vocals have this Plant-meet-Rodgers thing going on. And there in the background Don Airey (Deep Purple) sprinkles some amazing Hammond Keys. This is the music we grew up on, it’s our DNA.” Made up of Leo Roberts, Piers Mortimer, Dave Cullen, Dale Taylor, Matt Duduryn, and Dom Briggs-Fish, the rockers from Cambridge delivers with outrageous flair. See them next @ The 100 Club, London November 19th.

FARR – Technicolour

Returning with new single ‘Technicolour’, FARR, comprised of vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay (Rejjie Snow, LION SNOW, RITUAL and more) met back in 2016 at a studio session. ‘Technicolour’ brings an r&b edge to FARR’s alt-pop, electronic soul sound. Dreamy, emphatic, exhaustingly vibrant – ‘Technicolour’ drive home that last bit of the nail, with introspective layers and music vision. “‘Technicolour’ was the last song written for the album,” said Roméo. “I’d been feeling fed up with the sad way I was seeing the world, which unfortunately I feel like a lot of us can identify with right now. I wanted to write something to make sense of it all. I was reaching for hope, reaching for a vividly coloured future rather than this grey cloud I felt I was sitting in.” This single follows their fabulous previous single ‘Paramoid’.

ÄTNA – Try

ÄTNA are singer and multi instrumentalist Inéz and drummer Demian. “For us aesthetics is a form of expression just like music”, the duo stated about their ambitious audiovisual art. ÄTNA focus their shows around piano, with analogue effects mixed in directly, loops, effects and delays played live, and nothing automated at all. “No matter how bitter someone is, I always seek their humanity. I find hope in the belief that behind every asshole there’s a human being and it’s never too late to change.” Color correcting circumstances of light; split off into the night with blazing primary colors, lackluster at whim, hitting your cortex. Flavor of life, riddled with potholes, the gainfully, the pomp and circumstance, remain circumspect of delight as the tears stream down. It’s hard. Being around humans. Being around petty squabbles. Being hurled none-sensical humiliations that rather stick, when not warranted. Life is about managing humans, at times. But the duo knows that it’s about you. The only person you can control, is you – your inner peace – or the lack of it. A philosophically hardened hope from the outfit, that is charming and realistic, as the vocal harmonies just sizzles in humbleness. See this beautifully artistic project next @ Kulturzentrum dasHaus Ludwigshafen, February 26th, 2020.


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