Two Weeks In Nashville ‘All About Now’ : Part of the band’s hotly awaited upcoming debut album ‘PAPER PLANES AND RAZOR BLADES’.

Two Weeks In Nashville

Indie band Two Weeks In Nashville offers single ‘All About Now’. It is part of the band’s hotly awaited upcoming debut album ‘PAPER PLANES AND RAZOR BLADES’.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Billy LeRiff said: “‘All About Now’ is about when people come together and live in the moment. This was the first song and starting point for the album. It was only after recording it on our first trip to Nashville that we thought we had found a sound and direction. Nashville is such a happening place; it’s a music city and is very positive and the people are very loving. We wanted to write something that channels and spreads that message and the feeling we had! It’s all about us; it’s all about love, it’s all about now.”

The young indie rock collective spent the first part of 2020 honing their craft on stage with performances across the country including sell out shows at the O2 academy Islington and the Camden Assembly – both selling out within a day of going on sale.

Two Weeks In Nashville are renowned for their live shows and during the pandemic have teamed up with several global brands for streaming performances, with each live performance showcasing their phenomenal skill to demand the attention of a room instantaneously.

Band is: Billy LeRiff, Marc De Luca, Jonny Faires, and Ian Wilson.


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