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TWYN Ft/ Austin Paul Share Single ‘You Say’. When You’re Alone. You’re Not Alone.

It’s that niggling feeling inside your head, and heart, disdained – unsupported, imaginary – doing the right thing of being that person of social prominence. It wasn’t meant to be this way. It wasn’t designed to be this way. You didn’t deserve to be this way. On the ground of life’s level of dust and dirt, you grovel now in pain and unperturbed self-pity. Knowing no one who can help your comauosed brain activities, stemmed by the unbridled black and blue salaciously perpetrated by the one, the only.

You cry, within. You cry, without. All alone, it seemed – to be nothing at the moment in the Universe.

Open your eyes, and your heart – of being that person again. It cannot end this way.

Survive. It’s but a blip.

Learn. It’s a chapter to turn.

Get up. Walk that road again, it will start you up again.

Deep breath. Let’s do the work.

TWYN’s single ‘You Say’, says many things. But it concentrates and dictates, many things we can change and adapt for in the short life we have.

It’s not too late.

And we agree.

The band consists of producers and multi-instrumentalists Jason Matthews and Aaron Glueckauf.



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