TWYN ‘Good Wolf Bad Wolf’ : Moody analog synth ambiences and textures.


TWYN offers their single ‘Good Wolf, Bad Wolf’ from their upcoming EP, ‘Eudaimonia’ (Winter). The single and record marks an evolution in the band’s songwriting and builds on their highly celebrated recent double single releases – ii and ii. (b).

The lyrics for ‘Good Wolf Bad Wolf’ explores the grappling with these two forces inside of us, often caught in limbo between both worlds. Spacey vocals guide us through this inner battle within a landscape of warm yet moody analog synth ambiences and textures.

Driving these ethereal and celestial layers throughout the track are electronic and live drums that are seamlessly woven together.

These releases received critical acclaim and were featured on Spotify’s State of Jazz, YouTube Music’s Jazz Hotlist and Jazz for the Hip Hop Generation and on Amazon Music’s The Pocket and Fresh Jazz where the duo served as the face of those editorial channels. ii. and ii. (b) both captured the ears of modern jazz fans, electronic aficionados, and 70’s fusion heads with their dynamic feel of instrumental prog under sonic lyricism.


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