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TYGERMYLK Shares ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’.

TYGERMYLK released their debut single ‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’ and it tells a tale about lead singer, Harland’s first love. Consequences of their relationship sparked a resistance to the truth and descriptions deemed necessary for survival or the right path in life.

Harland states: “It’s everything I said to her on our last night together and everything I wish I’d said knowing what I know now. The lyrics fell out of me suddenly on a train ride to Brighton and happened to be an hour early for a meeting so I locked myself away in a rehearsal room and quickly finished the song. I didn’t realize how much this event had affected me until after writing about it, I couldn’t talk about it for months without breaking down into tears. Once I finished the demo, I wanted her to hear it first, we met up and talked about how we wished things had been different back then, I think it was very healing for us both.”

Harland continued, “It’s only because of the courageousness of others that I’ve been able to open up about this experience and it was a huge relief to finish recording, a weight off my chest. In the studio, I could barely get through singing it without crying because had the sense that this was something really important – if only one seventeen year old who’s going through a similar thing hears this, it would have all been worth it.”

We decided to let Harland speak directly in these quotes. We think they describe her thoughts on the new single, better and more poignantly than we could.

Kudos TYGERMYLK & Harland. Kudos.

‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’ is the first of three singles taken from TYGERMYLK’s debut EP (winter release) ‘I Killed The Bees’.



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