Tygersounds ‘Prom’ : Exploration and acceptance. Life in continuation.

Tygersounds / Artwork: Reza Hasni

Tygersounds is a retro-wave trio consists of Jordan Moser, Hilary Davis, and Tom Cordell. Hilary plays violin and synth. Tom plays drums. And Jordan is the primary songwriter and lead vocalist/guitarist for the band, combining talents to tap into a Morrisey-esque vibe and tone with a contemporary romance.

Jordan said: “I wrote this song after a super painful breakup from the perspective of no longer being upset, but looking back and realizing how beautiful the experience was.”

Moser brought Davis and Cordell into the fold in 2015 to bring Tygersounds out of his studio and into the dimly-lit walls and sticky floors of some classic lower Manhattan clubs (Bowery Electric, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall). The group continues to perform regularly, and write and record new music. So, what’s a Tygersounds? Find out for yourself.

Their latest LP ‘A Different Kind Of World’ (out now) continues this theme of exploration and acceptance.

Hilary added: “It’s been many years in the making but the first Tygersounds full-length record is now complete! Thank you to all who’ve encouraged, supported and listened over the years. We hope it brings you inspiration or at least a little comfort, like all of our favorite albums have done for us.”


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