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TYLER PLAZIO Shares ‘Everybody Loves U When Ur Dead’ Off Of Upcoming EP ‘Nervous Feelings’ (March 15th)

TYLER PLAZIO’s single ‘Everybody Loves U When Ur Dead’ starts with the endemic rows of riffs. Then the darkness of sorrow and resentment comes from the lyrics, where Tyler’s distinctive and flavorful vocal attenuations, drives this single to make smiles on faces.

While shaking heads like in an office music pit, Tyler’s arrangement habits in this single is crackin’ sweet. And all of it starts with his vocals that is as dynamic as Paul Banks of Interpol (not as baritone, but you get the drift), and emotionally attuned as Jeff Buckley. It keeps a pop-rock tune, with the welcomed layers of textures, and rhythms that keeps the ears focused on the fun-ness of the song.

The Washington DC based artist is the self-proclaimed ‘sad boy’ of the neighborhood, who, ironically has become the ‘life’ of that neighborhood with songs like ‘Everybody Loves U When Ur Dead’.

His attention to hooks and the notes that are ‘off the beaten path’, is the secret that defines this single.

And consequentially, of Tyler, as well.

The upcoming EP ‘Nervous Feelings'”explores the idea that maybe that movie-type love garbage is real, but probably not,” stated Tyler. “Also the idea that death brings a lot of feelings up that nobody talks about when the person is alive which is pretty stupid if you think about it I mean why don’t you just tell people you love them when you have the chance?”

Tyler’s a bundle of thoughts and feelings.

And we dig that.



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