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Typewriter – Roots feat. Liv V

TYPEWRITER comes back with his 2nd single ‘Roots’. And with Detroit originating artist Liv V singing sultry daggers in the song, the direct ending balance of the vibe is voluptuous, as it is distinct. TYPEWRITER is based in Berlin, and the Swiss-Serbian artist digs deep into digitally produced anthems of love, lust, relationships and the encouragement of power, through consistent and radiating lyrically thrusting songs.

Oliver Spalding – Novemberism

“The album focuses on a certain period of time in my life and the things that happened around me,” said OLIVER SPALDING. “My honesty in songwriting is key. The aim of this album was to be raw and emotional. Emotions are scary and no one wants to face them, and that’s what I wanted the album to feel like – something that is uncomfortable but also beautifully revealing.” Brooding at parts for a reason, this colliding and vibrant offering by Oliver is something to behold. As the synth delivers with synth-wave aesthetics, 80’s effervescence, and modern day alt-pop balladeering, the title single ‘Novemberism’ is a panacea for the real world. The 23 year old UK artist’s debut album drops November 15th. Feel the versatility of Oliver’s works. It’s acumen for fitting your daily life, in song, is fabulous.

Elijah Banks – One Hundred

Columbus Ohio raised ELIJAH BANKS combines his experiences in diving deep into r&b and hip-hop of his formative years. Influences from the musical form factors of trap and thrust of the Atlanta music scene were tossed into the psyche of Elijah, as well, contemplated and invigorated into the form of his pop form, now. Clear cut vocals, imbue his shimmer in pop goodness, as the spot healing vibes garner boppin’ rhythms and sensible story telling. ‘One Hundred’ is a fab demonstration and description, coming to fruition.

WE don’t feature many rap framed singles. But there are times when featuring is warranted. ZEBB’s single ‘Artist’ is an anthemic, ‘take me as I am. For you will know me’ kind of single. It’s a vision for many artists and rapper to hang their journey. But it’s a bit different coming from ZEBB. The Kazakstan based artist has the ‘chip’ on his shoulders, but has the talent that is obviously present and just bubbling under the skin – waiting to explode into engaging new and more exciting horizons. Oh and by the way, ZEBB is 15 years old. But his rhymes and more importantly, variation and instincts in arrangement and hooks, make ‘Artist’ a tasty treat. The spoken word thrust of ‘Artist’ is enhanced from start to finish, with delightful nuanced elements, to carry the story forward, without looking back in regret. A strong offering from the talented teen. Watch out.

thisis. DY – Bedtime Story

New relationships are fascinating. It’s an experience – a melding of two independent minds – that come to a focused interest and lust. Telling stories, hours upon hours are natural for such episodes of the new. thisis. DY tells the exact effects and outcomes – all predictable and charming. But there has to be an end to that beautiful part of the relationship. And when that end, begins, a new set of realities are set to inject themselves, adding new concoctions of facts into the simmering or transforming dichotomy of feelings. We wish we can all stay in that mode. So, we have thisis. DY to sing us what we all desire. At least we can do that. ‘Bedtime Story’ is an effervescent look at a great part of any relationship. Maturation is inevitable though. Let’s smile of what we had though, right??


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