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Typhoon – Rorschach

“You wanted to leave after the murder that took place in your mind. It was a fast and quick affair, for you did not care any longer. It was like making yourself a ham sandwich. Just don’t forget the mayo.”

Typhoon’s new album ‘Offerings’ will drop like gravity on January 12, 2018. Yes. That’s the first month of the new year.

New year? New album?



All it means is that the succulent oddity and weird attraction of Typhoon – is still with us. And it’s back.

‘Gold, Jerry. It’s Gold!’

The new album completion has taken 4 long years, but ta-da. And they brought with them, the same sensibilities, and mixing of audible palettes – all in the name of spreading it around, for the rest of us to absorb.

At least for this song ‘Rorschach’, we feel the music has the similar ‘pauses’ and ‘time changes’ that they are known for, but brings more ‘grit’. The guitars make it more obvious to that point.

And the lyrics compile this complicated layer bigger and better.

Lots of ‘fire works’ (normally) with Typhoon and their music, but this time the laser is focused differently and just burns the heck out of that piece of wood.

“It wasn’t me who did it you see,” as he took a drag of the cigarette. “She made me did it.”

His eyes lowered, crushing the cigarette on the curb. Then looked up, blankly and seemingly content, then said:

“But it doesn’t matter.”

He smiled.

Don’t know what the rest of ‘Offerings’ will have for us, but we can’t wait to find out soon.

It has 14 songs in the LP, and that isn’t a bad thing =D

Kudos for this song, Typhoon. Kudos.

They’re rep’ed by the fab Roll Call Records label, working out of Los Angeles.



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