Tyrone’s Jacket ‘Magic’ : A colorful exhibition of the talents that the project offers. Get in with the talented vibes.

Tyrone's Jacket

With a woozy invitation and a salutary consolation in its folding trip-hop tinged effervescence – Tyrone’s Jacket’s, ‘Magic’, is a song with a tantalizing hook and charm, to boot.

An accompanying music video, supports the energy of this drizzly pop blend, as it tricks your mind into some kind of a magical wonderland of tea parties and top hats.

Tyrone’s Jacket is a colorful exhibition of the talents that the project offers. From synth driven celestial depths to the light hearted romanticism of this single ‘Magic’, the 11 song self-titled album release has all the right moves for your r&b/soul framed musical desires.

Get in with the talented vibes of Tyrone’s Jacket.

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