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Tyson Kelly Shares ‘Girl You’re So Money’. Let’s Shoot For The Stars.

When you feel something, you feel something tangible. It’s something that is as hard and solid as the moon in space above. Having confidence of what’s on this earth, and in the heart of the proud – is the retribution to the rapture of the mind.

Your mind.

Melding in Star Trek-esque vee dub – truth, grace, guillotined wth sadness and hearty laughs.

“Come sit here at the edge of this table with me.”


TYSON KELLY was born of the San Fernando Valley, near the City of Angels, an his psych rock sensibilities drip from every orifice of his songs, popping modern hymns and odd circus like atmospheres. It’s the calm of the smiling friend, awaiting for you to let him have a chance to do ‘good’ for you.

It’s a 50/50 shot. Let’s shoot for the stars.

His upcoming EP ‘No Signal’ should be coming out at the end of this summer.


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