Tyson Ray Borsboom ‘I Dont Mind’ : Speak and you’ll be heard.

Tyson Ray Borsboom

Tyson Ray Borsboom’s vocals is heavy as the lead laden and love-lorn heart of a lover. And with it, the contrast of that ‘get up and take a bow’ kind of enthusiasm from ‘I Don’t Mind’ is a beautiful encouragement when coming from that corner of such honesty. With delectable guitar licks, charming and providin’, the reliability of Tyson Ray’s urgings, come with heart fulfilling gumption in this single.

“This song was an unlikely choice to make the album, let alone be a single,” said TR. “I wrote it when a friend had taken their own life and another was on that same path. You truly don’t realize how much you can do for someone just by being there for them. Listening when they need that ear and seeing them when they might feel invisible.”

“I wrote this song to remind myself and others to be there for your friends because you never know when they might be struggling. We all go through hardships but we should NEVER feel like there’s no way out. So never forget to extend that caring hand, when it might not be convenient to do so. Because you should, because you can… We tend not to talk about mental health enough, so I hope that this reminds you that no one is perfect and we’re all in it together.”

Country, indie, folk – Tyson Ray’s array of methods to communicate transforms as you toggle from side to side and top to bottom. And when hand clapping goodness, embrace you with good vibes, you do the same.

Following his 7 song EP ‘Sinner’ (February of 2018), look out for his new full length LP, which is projected for early 2020.


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