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U-nik Stylez – Just Startin

“I made art/ Generated a target/ Stayed in my lane, played in my market/ I’m just startin…” From U-NIK STYLEZ’ upcoming LP ‘The Purpose’ (due out early 2019) comes the single ‘Just Startin’. A declaration of milestones, with strength and conviction of promises to be fulfilled, the flow of UNS keeps the drum beats and rhythm, solid to the core and anchored to where his origins. The brassy and tastefully framed single, marks another milestone in the life of UNS, and seems the energy keeps on building with platinum momentum.

Rocklin X Isis Rocklyn – Crazy Kicks

Sneaker designer ROCKLIN NEGASH comes with ‘Crazy Kicks’ and if you have sneakers on right now, we’d recommend you dance. Which came first? The chicken or the sneaker designer? Both. ROCKLIN NEGASH with sneaker designs, in tow, needs the competition to see where the next vision comes from. That’s the aim for RN. And with ISIS ROCKLYN, keeping the rhymes flowing with RN’s production, there’s no chance the haters can win. Keep on, keepin’ on.

LezGetit – Trevi Fountain

“I wrote this song on a drizzly October afternoon,” stated LezGetit. “The song’s title is from personal experience: While studying abroad in London, I fell in love with a girl . We traveled to Italy and she was really excited to see the Trevi Fountain, but upon arrival, we found it closed due to structural repairs. When she returned to the US and I stayed abroad for Spring semester, we broke up.” Love is hard. Get in the dumps. Hard to get out. Just like in quicksand. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s a battle, and not the war. Emotive and descriptive, ‘Trevi Fountain’ in LG’s memories, will always be about his memory of her. Romantic, ain’t it?

ThaLook – The Bay Ft. (Yung Mondo)

Vancouver. Canada. ThaLook. ‘The Bay’ featuring YUNG MONDO is produced by artist Evan Parker Look. And you have something to do right now? Just drop it. Bounce, then bounce some more. “Crown Royal, that’s our first name…” a part of the lyrics that just brightens things up like there’s no tomorrow. Got a Manhattan beach volleyball party to go to? Put ‘The Bay’ on. Have a Jersey Shore beach hang to get to? Put ‘The Bay’ on. Have just a party in Chicago to go to? Let ‘The Bay’ get you psyched. The energy inducing song, is the battery recharge you need. Especially this holiday weekend.

FAYRO – Kumbaya

‘Kumbaya’ is by FAYRO. The 5th single from the ‘Memphis’ album, FAYRO has taken this term and made it into this anthem of promises. ‘Negativity’ isn’t something FAYRO can tolerate. And in this version, the warning has been sent, and we all should take heed. The popular single pleases with accessible beats, chants, and thematic hooks that makes you just want to dance. So, we recommend you get up, and shake that boney butt you have. We’ll join in, with ours.


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