Uh Oh Jiminy ‘Blackeyed And Bulletproof’ : Hot rides, cool friends, and a night out.

Uh Oh Jimniny

Hot rides, cool friends, and a night out can lead to a lot of things. Uh Oh Jiminy’s single ‘Blackeyed and Bulletproof’ explores just that. There may be some bruises, broken rules, and bad decisions along the way, but when you’re riding with your crew, nothing can take away your confidence and the thrill of the journey. Invincibility is inevitable, whether you’re confronted by law enforcement or the laws of nature, obstacles just become opportunities.

The vision and goals of the band haven’t wavered from its original trajectory: making good music, bringing friends together, and serving and promoting the local music scene. The driving, indie-rock vibes and energetic, cross-generational tunes speak of life’s events and complexities in ways that not only ignite the body to move, but also the soul. Uh Oh Jiminy builds on the momentum of its own story and uniqueness, while capturing the ears and hearts of rockers of different preferences and backgrounds.

The band’s self titled EP is out now and it is the follow-up to two singles released in 2018.

Jeremy Butler (Lead Vocals), Parker Barrus (Guitar), Jerry Sandoval (Bass) and Caleb Hodges (Drums).


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