Uncle Skunk ‘Chickens’ : “Imagine yourself in a dive bar packed with old men and a few live chickens.”

We did. And what a sight.

Uncle Skunk

Uncle Skunk is an experimental rock project based out of New York City. Formed in 2019 and led by songwriters Henry Pearson and Otis Streeter, the band devotes itself to using the studio and recording process at large as an instrument in its own right to create idiosyncratic sonic landscapes.

And have they ever.

From the fertile minds of the band, there comes ‘Chickens’. A song that is about chickens, in a bar, chit-chatting with old men and barflies alike. A discussion of blend, takes place in a stricken piano entanglement of sentiments. A dance of sorts, devolved from the collective rhythms of the beating vibes in that good ol’ bar.

Life is kinda weird like that, if you think about it. Even in our most serious of days, with big responsibilities to take care of, deep inside, we all think this might be the most ridiculous kind of living there could be.


Might as well have a shot, and live a little, while duetting with that chicken.

Glory days.

See them next @ Mercury Lounge, NYC January 2nd, 2020.



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