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Under The Rug // Candy Says // Memory Cult // Jenny Kern // MOAN

Under The Rug – Manila & Grey

Casey Dayan, Brendan McQueeney, Sean Campbell and Jesse Holsapple make up this dynamic, return to alt-prog rock that just gets the rock inside your jocks. The soaring vocals work perfectly with the lyrical play, as anything comes into play, with their prevue. ‘Manila & Grey’ is just the tip of the iceberg as the grace and the raw clash within the song. This indie band is made for entertainment, live and in studio. The storytelling and groove prowess is evident from the first note to the last. Original, powerful, impactful – the band just knows how to do it right.

Candy Says – Gravity

Coolness. What is it? How can you get it? Is it actual? Is it ethereal? Is it attainable? Of course you can. But it’s hard. Don’t try to fake. Don’t try to be who you’re not. Be humble. And kick butt. CANDY SAYS is a pervasion of the previous rancor for the obvious, but oh so serious in fact. ‘Gravity’ is that ‘coolness’ that is pure. Driven as the recently fallen snow, the synth driven electro-pop offering is a draw of your blood, with drop by drop, and the asserting care that you have not. The focus of this single is profoundly clean, clear, crystal. Just something about it that drives you insane. The band’s EP ‘You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful’ drops June 7th. Be there or be square. Be cool.


It’s a race. A long and drudging race. Marathon? Yes. But to the bottom of existence? Surely faster, no? That would be a 100 yard dash. MEMORY CULT’s single ‘Back To The Bottom’ is a song that dreads the unthinkable. Bottle? Bottom. Bottle? Bottom. We actually see this up-beat frame of instrumentals to be a tongue in cheek, statement for whatever challenges that come, we all can get down. The thought of just consuming ourselves in depression is at times, an easier thing to do. It’s hard digging out. But we CAN. Really we CAN, recoup and be better.

Jenny Kern – Carousel

JENNY KERN’s based out of NYC and has been a fabulous addition to the Universe. Her music has kept the interest of subject and emotions, for listeners to appreciate with absolute charm. ‘Carousel’ is another one of her singles that demonstrates her deeper self. The lyrical works and presentation has one hand on the pulse of a delightful modern country atmosphere, while explaining the banal of being in love and not in love with ample dexterity in kindness and heart-ful admiration. The love ballad, is an antithesis, and its beauty lives in its nuance and subtlety. Jenny stated: “Carousel is about regret. It’s about realizing you’re still in love with a person that you thought was gone from your life. It’s about asking for another chance.”

MOAN – Take Me Away

Friends coming together. Making music. An alternative hiphop and indie music that persists to stick and grows within your heart. MOAN’s single ‘Take Me Away’ is one of those singles that just hits a home run. Crystalizing story telling, and depicting a cinematic journey of hope and patience is what we vibe from the works of the outfit. ‘Finding Home’ is their EP and as it is available now, their overall vision and return to a beautiful world of rhymes and heart, will have you gravitate with excitement and happiness. Lucid Behaviour, Sean D, and Ben Woodward are MOAN. You should be listening.


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