Unfoldance ‘The Size of The Sun’ : Jazz and Electronica inspired. Rooted in sultry emotions.


Unfoldance is the solo project of Jonah Cracknell Daniels, a multi instrumentalist and electronic music producer from Bristol.

Drawing influence from a string of artists, such as Aphex Twin, Bonobo, and The Cinematic Orchestra, but very much with its own sound: The ‘Beginism’ EP, created in Unfoldance’s East Bristol bedroom, fuses elements of nu-jazz with electronica. A keen pianist from a young age, and having learned saxophone for this release, Beginism is composed entirely of Cracknell Daniels’ own vocals and instrumentation.

Emotionally eclectic, Unfoldance documents the ongoing musical journey of Jonah Cracknell Daniels. Inspired by a mix of Jazz and Electronica, the music of Unfoldance is created by the use of Synthesizers, Acoustic Instruments and the Saxophone.


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