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UNKLFNKL Shares ‘Victoria feat. Marcus Lovin’.

UNKLFNKL’s new single ‘Victoria’ is a joy to watch and listen. The song is a mixology of deep house, kiss of Brazilian bass and the expression-full vocals of Marcus Lovin.

An effervescent single with un-wasted movements, the EDM drive keeps you in tow for the build and delivery. The succinct premise of the song radiates the obvious, but never un-warranted vibe.

UNKLFNKL brings music, originating from Bucharest, with eyes and ears for the uniqueness he seeks. He blurs the lines, in and without the frame.

The story is of “recalling the never ending story of the girl that got away”.

We can relate.

Enjoy this beautifully danced and choreographed music video.

Light but serious, UNKLFNKL makes us love again.


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