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Unknown Caller Shares ‘Sayonara’. “So Delicious. Melts Too Fast. Repeat.”

We met at the corner deli, and you looked so fine. I was in my trousers, and you were in the blouse of a million boys’ fantasies. The day was hot and humid, but you looked so put together, even in your day-to-day clothes.

How do you do it?

Looking so fresh, so beautiful?

The sun came through from the one large patch of clouds passing by.

The ray hit your hair, and it bounced, into my irises and I became blinded.

I was afraid.

I was afraid, of falling in love with you.

Don’t do this to me. I have so many things to do for work, at home, for family, for friends – why did you have to come my way, now?

Do I cross fate, and not take this opportunity?


UNKNOWN CALLER is fabulous. ‘Sayonara’ is that milk-caramel candy, so tasty, so delicious, in your mouth, and it seems to melt too fast.



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