Unknown Neighbour ‘Home’ : The warmth and sustenance, embraces in a holy gospel-like love.

Unknown Neighbour

‘Home’ is the title of Unknown Neighbour’s new single. The lyrics are about the home you build on your own, no matter where you come from.

Unknown Neighbour said: “I wrote this song a while ago and I think it’s my most intimate one. The lyrics kind of summarize my music – my songs, my message, my artist name – but also me as a person. Writing, producing and performing „Home“ has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a pile of hope for those who always had a room but no home. Music gives me so much strength and I hope that this song will do the same for some of you!”

With harmonica and banjo at the ready, Sascha Zemke (Unknown Neighbour) takes us on a wispy journey of inner interventions, psychosomatic diligence of the mind, and an ultimate solace towards that place that resets our being and existence.

Every time ‘Home’ plays, you’re beset with notions of where you’d come from. An existence on this earth, having not been asked, you do the best you can, doing the utmost to retain your chance at this one time of plenty.

It’s the ‘thanks’ that Unknown Neighbour expresses so well in ‘Home’. The warmth and sustenance, embraces in a holy gospel-like love.

Lovely single, indeed.


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