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Unlikely Friends – King of the Last Calls

“Get that ball over the plate Roger! Just get it over the plate! You can do it!” Unlikely Friends’ King Of The Last Calls digs deep inside our diaphragms and squeezes. The lost opportunities: the could haves, the I should have, the regrets. Then the Victories, of selfish mind and body. Oh the phoenix like glory.

‘King Of The Last Calls’ is like trying to chop at the hardest type of tree in the forest: an Australian Buloke.

Yep. You heard right.

An ‘Australian Buloke’ – stubborn, ‘iron dense’, and knows that most people won’t know how to pronounce its given name.

What we mean is that from their premiere single (for the new album), the will of the song writing is hard, matter of fact, but dense with feelings and touches upon the dark parts of life’s quirks with a short stick.

“Roger, remember, we’re down by 1 run. We can do this. But most importantly, YOU can do this. Get this guy out!”

Eric was always excitable, whenever we did something – always encouraging the gang – pushing us forward. I on the other hand was fully able, but sometimes thought about things too much.

“Just let it flow Roger,” I said to myself. “Don’t think about it. Go for it.”

The drips of sweat from playing in the mid summer afternoon, made a hurried track through the red clay sprinkled cheeks of mine.

This was it. I can feel it.

“Strike! Two!”

“Alright Roger! You got this! It’s yours to take!”

It was the best game and summer of my young life.

Just like the friendship of Roger and Eric, the complimentary roles, fit like a jig-saw puzzle, bound by yes- an ‘Australian Buloke.

In their little world, that was the only strength they’d known and cared about.

And this song brings it out on those feelings. It’s a pact. It’s a resistence.

It’s about getting to do the things – above and beyond – what we’d never thought of doing.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.

We dig this song and the upcoming album of Unlikely Friends. All we can say is that it has the hard Northwest Rock and the soft caring tunes that we’d come to expect from the band.

The record ‘Crooked Numbers’ will drop on January 12, 2018. Look for it.

The guys are rep’ed by Swoon Records, working out of Tacoma Washington.



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