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Unnveig Aas Shares ‘Right From The Start’. “Positivity that now feel very well attainable, in this big-bad world.”

Marius Viken

UNNVEIG AAS is the fabulous project that you are listening to now. It is the moniker for singer/songwriter from Norway, Unnveig Aaserud Stokke, and she’s just fabulous.

Her latest is ‘Right From The Start’, and the song is an amalgam from the Scandinavian traditions of modern pop, where the tangible sweetness and textures that style of the 70’s and 80’s brought to the scene, embrace like lovers.

This single is an Americana/folk-pop beauty, and as it hits the chorus, you feel the shock and awe of your hairs standing up on end. And as you start to dance and glance at the future of you and him, your emotions consolidate together through the positivity that now feel very well attainable, in this big-bad world.

With a witty intelligence of the tone of Unnveig, she utilizes her vocals to enhance all of the colors introduced.

Then the outro starts then you’ve officially fallen in love with this song.

The gentle, man and woman vocal harmonies tie this song to a gorgeous hymn and artful gift for our hearts.

Can’t say more than that.

We love what Unnveig did with ‘Right From The Start’, and like our love for her contemporary, Signe Marie Rustad, we look forward to even greater heights.

It’s that ‘something’ that grabs, and it does with Unnveig.



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