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uon – Noise

Noise is a electro/vocal/deep song from our upcoming EP ‘Catharsis’. It is about feeling safe in the midst of sound. When everything else is shaky or is falling apart there is a home in music (in deep distorted bass). Made of the emphasis of Anna Sharifi and Nina Branner’s timely waves of song, ‘Noise’ billows with fluffy strokes of kindness, sliced by razor framed innuendos and circumspection on emotions that belie such stresses. None, or all, the song delivers with palpitating notes on uncertainty. But there. There in the corner, uon throws us a life-jacket to live once again – to really live. A bit of space and spacial incongruities tether with an amalgamation of insight and aromatic victory. That’s the howl. That is the breeze of change. Within. Without. For the better. Get swept by uon. See the dynamic duo next @ Spreefeld Bootshaus, Berlin November 9th.

Resa – Borrowed Time

Theresa Frostad Eggesbø is best known for her part as “Sonja” in the international TV success SKAM. While continuing her acting career, Theresa is finally ready to focus on music – her one true passion. Starring in Netflix’ new show ‘Ragnarok’ to be aired this coming spring, her artist career is looking just as eventful. And Theresa stands on pedestals of truth and raw nakedness. One is the conventional relevance of you and the self, deliberating in a sword fight for dominance. The next? Raw and impending, and supple naked skin of wanting and waning, in a pool of perpetual blood of the soul – forever lost, but never forgotten. ‘Borrowed Time’ is a deliverance of 70’s vibes, that curtail in a death spiral of notions and stories, in hearts that broke with those exact conventions of norm. It hurt too much. It hurt so, so much. The delicious, self-eviscerating vision of this single, though very danceable, is earthy and rooted in that jut of pain, which makes it all worth while. It’s irreverent in its conclusions, but it’s an effective shield again, that harshness of reality – in that forebodingly surreal relationship. Accompanied by a music video shot by Leonard van Vuuren, the narrative follows Resa through a sporadic day in her home town Oslo.

Lykantropi – Vestigia

From the dark woods of Värmland, Sweden, the folk rockband Lykantropi invites their listeners to their slightly melancholic rock, delivered by enchanting female and male vocals in symbiosis that consolidates the lycanthropic touch painted by diverse, catchy melodies. Sweet harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & The Papas are layered with electric guitars and flutes into a witch’s brew. A witch brew that also can be compared to other mighty bands such as Jethro Tull, Coven and Blue Öyster Cult. Constructed by the talents of bandmates: Martin Östlund, My Shaolin, Pär Nordwall, Tomas Eriksson, Ola Rui Nygard, Ia Öberg, and Elias Håkansson, the beating sounds of Lykantropi is glorious and grand. As it is a perfect representation of bringing the 60’s to the modern world, ‘Vestigia’ is a classic southern-rock vibe that just never quits in its sonic assault. Lead by the voluminous vocals of My Shaolin, the textures balloon into something wild and surreal within ‘Vestigia’ from the get-go. Relaxed and internal, the shivers of acknowledgment creep up and down your spine, when listening. The bull thrust of vexing anticipation, hold you until you draw the best breath of rock in a long time. Look for greatness from their upcoming LP ‘Spirituosa’. Available now.

Lucia & The Best Boys – Good Girls Do Bad Things

Said lead vocalist, Lucia Fairfull: “‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’ is a song written for any women who feels like they have ever been undermined, or made to feel worthless and weak by a man. I find myself in these situations far too often, now more than ever, and it is important to highlight that they are the weak ones in the situation. “Sad boys looking at me always get what they don’t see” – was a lyric written from experiencing and witnessing men thinking that we aren’t capable or smart enough to react and defend ourselves” The group have marked their latest era with a name change – one that’s reflective of their early work, referencing debut 2017 EP ‘Best Boy’, while also marking a new chapter. The band is completed with guitarist Conor Goldie,drummer Alasdair Scott and bass player Chris Frew Ballantyne. “The new stuff we’re doing isn’t putting everything we’ve done before to an end, it’s creating a new beginning point,” explained Lucia. Over the past 18 months the band have played hundreds of live dates, supporting the likes of Dream Wife, The Undertones and The Big Moon and industry showcase festivals including SXSW twice! Been name checked as “one to watch” by Wonderland Magazine, “one of the UK’s brightest young bands” – Drowned In Sound

We Are All Fossils – We All Know That

South African born singer/songwriter now living in England. We Are All Fossils’ creates his own unique emotive contemporary folk described as ‘delicate, enthralling and reflective. “In late 2015 we started a project called ‘Songs For Strangers’, we asked our listeners around the world to share with us their story. Anonymity was very important so that there was a comfortable space to share and ultimately allowing freedom to express yourself. Out of these connections 7 tracks were made.” Off of ‘Songs For Strangers’, the captivating triumph is shown in this single, with amber waves and glorious comfort. Folk, with a beautiful thrust, the album – and the single – brings forth a fatalistically lovable incantation of vibes and colors. Inspired by artists like Gregory Alan Isakov, Nathaniel Rateliff, Sufjan Stevens & Damien Rice, the radical dance of small movement delight with rigor and gives you a certain kind of hope for the now, and maybe the future. It’s that kind of vibe it offers that you easily can succumb. And it feels so very good. See the project envelope you @ Tap Social Movement, Oxford England, November 30th.


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