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Upcoming New EP ‘Let The Wind Lead Us Home’ By Calembour. Beautiful Indie-Folk For Your Soul.

Calembour is a Turin, Italy based folk-rock band which is simply beautiful to listen to. Just comes down to that basic fact. It might be that we love listening to folk-anything, but it’s not a guarantee we’d be into every band in that category. But we sure are into Calembour. Give us the banjo, doublebass, and emotional lyrics, you got our ear. And boy do they.

Their new EP will drop May 11.

The exciting ‘Let The Wind Lead Us Home’ brilliantly exorcises our daily stresses with enthusiasm, and helps us look far into the future, for hope, for a better tomorrow. And when the banjo kicks in, it is bedlam in our heads. It brought us joy to another level, in a day of mundane duties.

Then the real beauty comes in with the song ‘I Call Your Name’, where we fell in love with our past loves, again and again. Not normal, but this ballad ‘to love’ and ‘for love’ is a lovely anthem to all of us who are and have gone through such feelings.

‘Away From You’ will give you goosebumps. The combination of, of course, the banjo and the chorus presentation makes us choke up in anticipation and then release. It’s another beautiful compilation of thoughts and feelings, Calembour successfully pulls off. It’s the highlight of the EP.

And finally, ‘Yours & Mine’ cleanses the pallet. It brings you round, full circle. The ‘promise’ is made between two parties, then broken, then repaired again.

Lucky us.

They’re rep’ed by Standby Records.


Let The Wind Lead Us Home
I Call Your Name
Away From You
Yours & Mine


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