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Uppermost shares New Single ‘Atoms’ featuring Birsen. New album ‘Perseverance’ drops March 23rd.

Yep. Sometimes we like to get off the office chairs and dance a bit. Bad dancing mind you. Not as bad as ‘Elain’s on Seinfeld, but we try, we swear. And it might be a compliment to Uppermost (or not) but his new single ‘Atoms’ made us get up, then move our legs, then our hips, then sway like we were in our own little beer hall club and looked at our ceiling. Still swaying to the dream electronica, mind you. It was a sight to behold.

Anywho, the song is fab and the vocals of Birsen is so cute and lovable and so distinctly attainable to our indie ears.

“Everything felt pretty new to me while making this track. I wanted to forget the way I’d been used to work on music, I just needed to start from scratch. On top of that, Birsen’s dreamy voice and strong lyrics gave the production a magic signature, the kind of touch that makes you feel like you’re about to travel in another world endlessly.” – Uppermost

We don’t review many dance electronica on the site, but when we do, we really like.

Oh and the dancing helped us stretch well. Boy did we need it.

New album ‘Perseverance’ drops March 23rd.

He’s rep’ed by the folks at


Tour Dates
3/14: Denver, CO @ Lost Lake
3/15: Vancouver, BC @ Fortune Sound Club
3/17: Santa Monica, CA @ West End
3/22: Seattle, WA @ Kremwerk
3/23: Portland, OR @ Paris Theatre


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