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Ursidae // MIRRORS // Ian Alexander // Obstacle // Color Theory

Ursidae – Noctua

URSIDAE is the project of Josh Ingram. Techno, world, house, all culminate in a magical soup of sounds that Josh nurtures and expedites. The experimental sounds are explored, prodded, questioned, and supported, as the classically trained pianist, keeps to his own tunes and musical mannerisms. ‘Noctua’ is a single off of his upcoming Ep ‘Amethyst Dream’. Fantasy can be a part of your reality. URSIDAE wants to remind you of that.

MIRRORS – We All Will Die

Travel into another world with MIRRORS. Sean Goldie is the mind and heart behind this intriguing electronic endeavor. Synthesizers and samplers, molded by the hands of Sean’s grasping visions, the San Francisco originating (now in Seattle) based artist takes his work to another step in consciousness. More than dance music, the expressions of his current works delve deeply and consoles the past with ingredients of dexterity and comfort.

Ian Alexander – Electric Water Experience

Composer, sound provacateur – IAN ALEXANDER’s ‘Electric Water Experience’ is out of the realms of Frank Zappa’s sensibilities, the tension of it all never wanes and increases as the dials of bouncing waves culminate, layer after layer. “This is a special song for me. It’s based on an unusual polyrhythm (3 against 5) and features a crazy guitar / vibraphone unison. But mainly I love the disorienting and yet joyful feeling I get when listening to the chorus. There are two drummers playing at the same time! and lots of guitar and keyboard layers going on.” Yes indeed. What a joy.

Obstacle – Unknown Number

Annie Murnighan (Found Object), Elias Jarzombek, and Amos Damroth (AJE) have built OBSTACLES as a rather understated force. Listen. And from there your senses belt out in agonizing ecstasy. Silent but loud. Poignant but unfettered. The seemingly cacophony of the different measures, cast out the demons of mis-nomers of your mind. Right – then – and – there. ‘Unknown Number’ is a fantastic procedure for a lobotomy of the norms and what ‘has been’. Off of the upcoming EP, the band pushes with gentle nudges towards ever grander edges. Talk is cheap. Space-talk is grand. ‘Unknown Number’ is your ticket to your personal space.

Color Theory – backward

Can such music as COLOR THEORY be stated as experimental? We think yes. If being experimental is in ‘how’ feelings and notions are extracted are the difference between any other song, then ‘backward’ hits the spot. Brian Hazard is the name behind this sultry project of synth and lyrical thrusts. Subjects of ‘heartbreak, suffering, alienation’ brings him to be inspired to act – to write – to sing. He tries his connection with unique rhythms reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but retains the kind of effervescence, apparent. Subtle and comforting, ‘backward’ brings definite meaning and support for reflecting and trying to thrive. Lesson to be had.


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