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The Usual Haunts – Muerte

The Usual Haunts’ Muerte brings to mind a tall cup of beer that includes 2 slivers of lemon – on the side, on the table. The two usual drinking suspects separated – segregated. Each one contributing nothing to the other, except that they both do. Each delicious, even unmixed.

That’s the kind of weird vibe we get from this song.

We could have said that the song is a “mix” of two great ingredients. But chose not to, because that’s not the taste that it serves us on the virtual tongue.

The sour notes of the song, the loneliness of the chords, by themselves – desperately isolated. Then there are the vocals, that sums up a ‘bad week’ and you got to hit something with a bat. If not, your heart’s going to explode!

The calmness is the blanket that securely covers the angst and fury of the mind beneath that lime rock. There is anger, lust, confusion, and immediacy that bathes ones’ sensibilities to a withering sack of dehydrated spinach leaves.

There they are; on the table. Rotting.

Why weren’t they eaten earlier? Why the freezer burn. Why?

Who knows. You’re lazy. Maybe, not.

It’s dying time. Let’s be alive.

Let’s combine that beer and lemon slices.

We deserve it.



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