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V-Neck Sweater // Margolnick // Moontwin // Logan Taylor // Spooky Cigarette

V-Neck Sweater – Retrieve

‘Retrieve’ is the single which rears its head from the bedroom recording project of Jake J. Brotter. And in the realm of an architect, he’s the ‘Batman’ of the architect world. To be clear, he plays music and records them by night. His tool belt is full of fuzz pedals and mini amps to play his guitars in the effort to comfort and entertain. Jake’s vocals tell the tale of a being who has committed to one dimension of his worldly existence, and at the same time comfortable of not being the other ‘the way he’d been prior’. Evolution has caught up, and in his singles, he’d come to terms. Now he’s on his way to make a different kind of mark in the market. We get it. And it’s fab.

Margolnick – Annie Lasso

MARGOLNICK is a project by Drake, who is the singer for the band FLAGSHIP. The solo EP is his latest offering, which takes off from the flight path of the driving guitars, tempered by the low key baritone of Drake. The contrast aligns the Universe with an English Channel wide gap, but the freshness and simplicity connects landmasses with ease and delightfulness. The slow and deliberate single of ‘Annie Lasso’ is just right on, and we dig it like it should be.

Moontwin – Never In The Same Worlds

From the Oceans apart talents of Melanie and Zac, they come with another version of their psyche in ‘Never In The Same Worlds’. With their music written and recorded through video, the duo from different countries makes some compelling digitized aggression for the masses. Electronica mixed with the industrial chords from the guitar ensues the attack of the senses. Fabulous.

Logan Taylor – Some Other Woman

We love Logan. Her oddly affectionate and magnetic vocals are unique, distinctive, so folk, so ‘Brooklyn’. And there’s a reason we focus on her voice, for all of the uniqueness, it’s beautiful to listen to. Yes. Very beautiful to listen to. As you listen more and more, the charm of the notes emitted through her vocal chords just sticks. Put that on top of the layers of guitar work and her way of expressing the story, all comes just naturally together for an exciting package. Logan Caroline Taylor is a 20 year old artist is a writer at heart, who has begun this fabulous musical direction. Her latest EP ‘Light Me Up’ is available now, and her musical aesthetics are on display, as they should be for the world to hear. She currently resides in Indiana and keeps on growing in her craft. Logan’s a delight, in her music and sensibilities. Can’t wait to see more from the talented songwriter.

Spooky Cigarette – In Due Time

‘In Due Time’ is about “the exasperation, the wishing for a change all the while knowing that change takes time,” stated the band. The art-60’s psyche rock band SPOOKY CIGARETTE is punk, and not so. And that’s alright, because contrasts like this is what makes music from SC so interesting. The hawing of the vocals is so delectable in its structure that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. The melodies hit, and the eclectic sonic hegemony continues. And we love it.


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