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V98 Shares ‘Conversation Killer’. “Just fits anytime, anywhere.”

Exhilaration is sometimes the remedy for the blues. A kick in the pants is what you get everyday from life. Put those things together and you have this gray amalgamation of this and that, which makes your life something to value. Down and out; up and atom – vibrance for individual memes and existential values, never get simpler when a song makes you forget the formula.

One of those singles is ‘Conversation Killer’ by V98.

Straight forward indie rock from the Irish lads, kick off your week (or the end of it) with that exact ‘exhilaration’ for whatever may come, with smiles and excitement. Let the worries roll off those broad shoulders of yours. Let your chest bellow like a soaring bird, and shout out what you feelz. Let’s have a pint and call it the beginning to a fabulous week.

V98 is made up of frontman Darragh Geoghegan, guitarist Conor Healy, Craig Geoghegan on bass, and Richie O’Brien on drums. Their upcoming debut EP, ‘PRESSGANG’ (November 8th) will certainly continue the riotous and manicured huff and puff of examining the day to day stresses of our lives.

But with V98, you get the sense that the Dublin/Edinburgh originating band, just wants you to know that they know and care. A pinch of support with that fabulous vocals and rock theme progressions, is refreshing to any part of your taste bud pallet.

‘Conversation Killer’ is a sexy and indie-bellicose drizzle of an offering that just fits anytime, anywhere.



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