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Vaarwell Shares ‘Money’. “Mysterious. Palpable. Textured. Gorgeous.”

Matilde Cunha

Starting from a dead-stop, her heart fluttered as it entered into an agreement of love and circumspection. It was all a blur for her, but it seemed to have been what she had been built for, existed for. The knots in her solar-plexus, confound her notions, in the future she’d always dreamed of, but never realized until now.

VAARWELL’s beautifully surreal complex, ‘Money’ is that fluttering butterfly, encased once in a vacuum of nothing, with nothing to call anything. The motions seemed to be in slow motion. The life that was significant seemed to have evaporated.

Margarida is highlighted in this irreducibly vacuous and delicious digital pop offering. With soaring chants, with reverberating clauses from her vocal note, to various notes, skip and dance, like the dark shades in the mid-day sun. Strewn in memories, the singular taunts of demands, call upon the promises, which were fashioned in deep soundscapes, in color – but of no color.

It’s the way it was meant to be.

Mysterious. Palpable. Textured. Gorgeous.

VAARWELL consists of Margarida Falcão, Ricardo Nagy, and Luís Monteiro.

The upcoming debut EP ‘Early Rise’ is soon due. See them in person at SXSW.



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