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Vacation Forever Shares ‘Noova’. “He Was Lucky, He Always Thought To Himself.”

He got bored. He started throwing pieces of crumpled up papers towards the trash bin at the other side of the room. It was his room. He could do anything he wanted. Well, it was the company’s room. And he was just an employee. That meant everything in his room was the company’s. He had zero ownership of the items in the room. He had no ownership of the crumpled up papers he was throwing, as well.

Crumple, crumple. Roll.


Crumple, crumple. Roll.


He then thought of Petra. How he loved her. How her hair, so long and strawberry blond, made him become jelly – the green lime kind. Because he was always, even as a male, jealous of her beauty.

Crumple, crumple. Roll.


He was lucky, he always thought to himself.

She made him go off on a different dimension, whenever he was with her.

“Allen! You’re daydreaming again.”


Back to work, Allen thought in disappointment. But he smiled again, knowing that she will be waiting for him later that evening, as she always does.

VACATION FOREVER is a solo project of songwriter Zacharias Zachrisson. And along with Jeff Bhasker as executive producer in this partnership, Zacharias is having a great time entertaining his fans throughout in Stockholm Sweden and Oslo Norway.

The Self-Titled debut EP is available now.



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